An Introduction to Energy Efficiency in Old Buildings

Tywi Centre

26 May 2022 // 22 June 2022 // 29 September 2022

With the rise in energy prices and the ambitious targets set for net carbon zero, making our buildings more energy efficient is a top priority for many of us.
Our ‘Introduction to Energy Efficiency in Old Buildings’ course is ideal for both commercial and residential owners of older properties. During the day we will investigate thermal performance of traditional buildings and what factors can affect this, for example the condition of the building, moisture content and building materials and methods.
We will discuss the simple changes that can be made quickly and easily to the more major interventions such as wall insulation. The pro’s and con’s of options will be discussed together with Laws and Regulations that may affect the choices that you make.
Case studies and examples will be used and there will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions.

Thursday 26 May 2022-SOLD OUT

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Wednesday 22 June 2022

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Thursday 29th September