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Traditional joinery, has changed little over the centuries; the timber and tools used for cutting, shaping and forming the joints, predominantly using only wood elements, remains in a form that our forefathers would be familiar with.

The physical appearance of a joint together with its strength and durability are determined by the joining methods and how they are used in specific joints.  

The course is aimed at delivering, an understanding and recognition of those traditional techniques that will enable a candidate to produce and repair a wide range of joinery products, through a balanced combination of classroom and workshop teaching

Candidates will work on a real restoration project (for example the repair and re-instatement of traditional sliding sash windows) carried out on-site and in the workshops.

The Learning outcomes include:

  • Tools of the trade; selection, storage, sharpening, care and maintenance
  • Shaping and milling
  • An understanding of heritage timber detailing
  • Knowledge of general on-site joinery repairs; measuring and scribing
  • Making and using jigs
  • Manufacturing complex shaped and bespoke bench joinery products using old tools and new
  • Installation of bench joinery (in a historical context)


5 days

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for candidates who have completed NVQ2 or 3 in wood occupation or have equivalent experience of working within the carpentry trade.

CITB Training standards and grants

This course is a CITB training standard. CITB registered companies may be eligible to apply for funding from CITB to cover the cost of this course and to receive a short course grant. For full details of available grants and funding please visit or speak with your CITB local adviser.

CITB GET code and grant tier

GET2137 - grant tier 3

Bench Joinery- workshop and on site

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