Defect recognition: cause and effect for heritage stonemasonry

Tywi Centre



For buildings which have been standing for 100 years or more, wear and tear, patina and features out of plumb can all contribute to their historic character.  However, understanding when a character trait becomes more of a defect and consequentially a risk to the stability and sustainability of the building, is something that is essential for a stonemason to appreciate.  This course will investigate damage caused to a building through weathering, chemical attack and movement and discuss appropriate interventions to prevent further decay. 

The content of the course will include:

  • Identify damage and inappropriate materials
  • Staining and salt activity
  • Weathering
  • Structural
  • Inappropriate interventions
  • Decaying/ rusting ironwork
  • Site visit to illustrate defects


1 day

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for candidates who have completed NVQ2 or 3 in stonemasonry or brickwork or have equivalent experience of working within the masonry trade.

CITB Training standards and grants

This course is a CITB training standard. CITB registered companies may be eligible to apply for funding from CITB to cover the cost of this course and to receive a short course grant. For full details of available grants and funding please visit or speak with your CITB local adviser.

CITB GET code and grant tier

GET1099 - grant tier 1