Fibrous and decorative plasterwork

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Fibrous plaster is a form of decorative plasterwork composed predominantly of plaster of Paris, reinforced with layers of hessian and secured within a timber framework. A decorative cornice run in-situ was a traditional way of forming a moulding, onsite, in a room at its ceiling to wall junction. In-situ mouldings could be formed in lime sand mortar, lime putty, or gauged setting stuff. This module will investigate methods of protecting and making appropriate repairs when conserving or restoring fibrous and decorative plasterwork.

This 5-day course is made up of 4 modules that are delivered together. The modules are:

  • Selection and mixing materials for fibrous and decorative plasters
    • Selection of reinforcement for use in casting (including timber laths, glass fibre strands, wire and jute scrim)
    • Selection of plaster (including superfine, fine or standard casting plaster)
    • Working with lime putty and gauged mixes
    • Use of retardants
    • Sequence for mixing
  • Production of fibrous plasterwork and running in-situ moulds
    • Read and carryout instructions from given information
    • Replicate and reproduce existing mouldings
    • Cast moulding sections and clean and finish cast moulded sections
    • Replicate and run in-situ sections and carry out repairs
  • Installation of fibrous plasterwork
    • Selecting from range of fixing methods depending on position of fibrous plaster
    • Provision of secondary support system
    • Calculations and measurements
    • Preparation and use of reinforcing materials
    • Setting out working areas for cornice and mouldings
  • Conservation of fibrous plasterwork
    • Understanding the style and period of plasterwork
    • Common causes of failure in fibrous plaster
    • Survey and recording
    • Health, safety and Legal requirements

Repair techniques- methods used to stabilise and restore and producing enrichments and mouldings to conserve original


5 days

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for candidates who have completed NVQ2 in plastering or have equivalent experience of working within the plastering trade.

CITB Training standards and grants

This course is a CITB training standard. CITB registered companies may be eligible to apply for funding from CITB to cover the cost of this course and to receive a short course grant. For full details of available grants and funding please visit or speak with your CITB local adviser.

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GET0530 - grant tier 2

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Fibrous and decorative plasterwork

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