Lime and lime based mortars

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This course is intended to provide the candidate the understanding of working with lime-based mortars when building with or making repairs to traditional masonry, stonework and brickwork. It offers a balanced mix of theoretical and practical training.

Summary of content

  • Properties of lime
  • Lime: strengths, uses, limitations, manufacture, hybrid mixes.
  • Hot mixed lime.
  • Sand, aggregates and additives.
  • Setting: carbonation, the lime cycle, environmental benefits.
  • Mixing methods and guidelines.
  • Building with stone - dry stone, mortared masonry, random rubble, dressed stone.
  • Additives: pozzolans, hair, mesh reinforcement.
  • Preparation - of site, working area, stone, aftercare.
  • Tools - traditional and modern.
  • Winter working with lime.
  • Specifying mortars.
  • Mortar analysis.
  • Consolidation, repairs and pointing


2 days

Who should attend?
This course is suitable for anyone who has experience of working in construction- either heritage or modern. It is particularly relevant to those working with masonry with a drive to learn more about traditional materials and methods.

CITB Training standards and grants

This course is a CITB training standard. CITB registered companies may be eligible to apply for funding from CITB to cover the cost of this course and to receive a short course grant. For full details of available grants and funding please visit or speak with your CITB local adviser.

CITB GET code and grant tier

GET0516 Grant tier 2

Lime and lime based mortars

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