A big thumbs up for the new Construction College Curriculum

December 2020

2021 will bring some exciting new changes to the Welsh Construction Industry – most notably the new Construction Curriculum due to be rolled out in September 2021. 

The Tywi Centre have been working hard with City & Guilds and Qualifications Wales to ensure that knowledge about Traditional Buildings is included in the new Foundation, Progression and Apprenticeship courses.  We are pleased to say that, from September, all new Construction and the Built Environment students will be taught about the importance of historic buildings in Wales (they make up 1/3 of our domestic housing stock - equivalent to 500,000 homes), and how their care and repair differs from Modern construction methods. 

The Tywi Centre have been asked to develop and deliver CPD for Pembroke College to support the delivery of the new curriculum.  We are really looking forward to developing our exciting interactive online courses for delivery in the new year, and supporting Colleges to deliver this new content.