Ancient Connections: Training and Engagement Programme


The Tywi Centre is set to deliver an exciting programme of traditional skills training and education as part of Ancient Connections – a cross-border arts and heritage project linking Wexford and Pembrokeshire. We are currently seeking partners in Ireland to manage the Training and Engagement Programme in Wexford as part of this project.

The Tywi Centre have been delivering traditional building skills training in Wales since 2009 and this is an exciting opportunity to bring that experience to work with experts and communities over in Ireland. 

According to UNESCO: Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.

Our Built heritage forms an integral part of this irreplaceable source of inspiration. It is vitally important in nurturing a sense of place and wellbeing whilst also being a crucial factor in attracting tourist and boosting our economy. The aim of the training and engagement programme is to train, educate and inspire people to enable them to care for and protect our built heritage for future generations to enjoy.

As part of this project, we are seeking Irish partners to deliver the following training in Wexford:

1. Training for homeowners- to deliver 4 training courses that would promote the appropriate repair and maintenance of older and traditional buildings. Suggested courses are as follows:

  • Listed Building Consent: a step-by-step guide
  • Essential repair and maintenance of historic properties
  • Improving energy efficiency in historic homes
  • Adapting to climate change: helping traditional buildings meet the challenge

Other training would be considered if it was identified as a local need by our project partners.

2. Training for specifiers- to deliver a course that relates to the appropriate specification of lime for traditional building projects.

3. Training for contractors- to produce a short film or a written guidance document relating to the repair and maintenance of traditional thatched roofs. The focus of this will be on Irish thatch but some information relating to Pembrokeshire thatch should be included.

The Tywi Centre will lead on the production of learning resources and short films relating to traditional windows and traditional renders and external finishes. These resources will be freely available to support contractors working on heritage projects. Content of these resources will reflect the vernacular styles in both North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford.  We are seeking to work collaboratively on the production of these resources.

4. Public engagement and demonstrations- this part of the project will help both local people and tourists to engage with the built heritage of the region by showcasing the work of crafts people including thatching, lime plastering, dry stone walling, timber repairs, stone carving, weaving, metal work, roofing, stained glass. Events could be organised or attended which provide local crafts people the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and to talk to potential clients. This will also provide an opportunity for members of the public to talk t specialists about their own projects.

Time scales

Establish details of courses to be delivered and provide dates

July- September 2022

Identify appropriate tutor/ trainer to deliver each course

August- September 2022

Develop the content of each training course

September – December 2022

Identify appropriate specialist to research and develop the content for the Thatch learning resource

September – December 2022

Produce thatch learning resource

December 2022- May 2023

Work with Tywi Centre to produce traditional window and renders and external finishes resource

December 2022- May 2023

Market the courses and events

September 2022- May 2023

Deliver the courses and events

September 2022- May 2023

Make any training resources produced available on-line

May-June 2023

Input into project evaluation

June- July 2023


Budget Details

4 x courses for homeowners


1 x lime course for specifiers


Production of Thatching learning resource for contractors


Providing support to produce the traditional windows resource and renders and external finishes resource


Project management


Marketing and publicity of activities


Event/ training organisation, evaluation & administration


Public engagement and demonstrations