Building with Earth – a sustainable past, present and future

11th May 2024

In an age where sustainability is paramount and traditional methods are being revisited with renewed interest, the upcoming Sustainable and Traditional Building Fair in on 11th May promises to be a hub of inspiration and knowledge exchange. Among the myriad of enlightening sessions and workshops, one particular talk stands out for its timeless wisdom and eco-friendly approach: Building with Earth – a sustainable past, present and future.

The talk will be delivered by Rowland Keable. Rowland is a founding member of Earth Building UK and Ireland (EBUKI) and has 40 years of experience of building with earth from across the world.  He is Honorary Professor and UNESCO Chair on Earthen Architecture, undertakes ongoing research into earth building and is the author of Rammed Earth Structures – a Code of Practice.  EBUKI is an organisation that shares earth building interests though training, education, events and the annual ClayFest.

Rowland's talk will delve into the relevance of earth building today as part of a sustainable future.  At the heart of Earth Building lies a profound connection to the environment. By utilizing locally-sourced earth, such as clay, sand, and straw, builders minimize carbon footprint and reduce reliance on resource-intensive industries.

During the talk, attendees can expect to explore various earth building techniques, ranging from traditional cob and earth to modern new-build rammed earthen structures.  Moreover, the talk will discuss the thermal properties of earth construction, highlighting its ability to naturally regulate indoor temperatures and enhance occupant comfort.

Rowland will also be holding demonstrations throughout the day- so come along to find out more!

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11th May 2024

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