Developing a Green Building: New Velindre Cancer Hospital Design

11 May 2024

The Sustainable and Traditional Buildings Fair aims to provide visitors with knowledge, inspiration, and a better understanding of how we can make our buildings more sustainable. In his highly inspirational talk, Phil Roberts will share his experience of working as a design advisor to Felindre University NHS Trust for its new Cancer hospital in Cardiff.
Building a new, high-tech, state-of-the-art hospital for cancer care in South Wales is always going to be a challenge. Building it using low-carbon materials and methods, employing the greenest and most sustainable technology, whilst making it fit for future generations was the challenge faced by the design team for Felindre.

In his talk, Phil will present the story of the project so far. He will aim to dispel some of the myths surrounding the use of natural and recycled building materials in a project of this scale and complexity. He will discuss how this approach is as relevant to existing buildings as it is to new structures.

Phil Roberts- Design and Development Consultant, is currently a Design Advisor to Felindre University NHS Trust, for its new hospital in Cardiff. A Panellist at the Design Commission for Wales, he has a background in environmental architecture, building surveying, design, and renovation. He has run an architectural and building surveying practice and has been Director and Chief Executive, in the housing and renewable energy sectors.

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