2023 Round-Up: Empowering learners with new skills


2023 Round-up: Empowering learners with new skills

Throughout 2023, our courses brought together a diverse community of learners, fostering a spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange. In total, our courses involved over 200 participants, which reflects a growing interest in preserving traditional building skills.

This year wasn't just about courses; it was about creating a network of individuals passionate about heritage construction, and forming connections that extend beyond the classroom. As we look back, the impact of our initiatives goes beyond the numbers. More than 80 participants achieved Level 3 Award Repair and Maintenance in Traditional (Pre-1919) Buildings, demonstrating a commitment to preserving historical structures.

Budding learners were also seen in strong numbers as we saw 1000+ attendees at the Traditional Building Skills Fair, held at The Bishops Palace in St Davids. The event showcased a community sharing a common love for traditional craftsmanship and an interest in developing skills further.

Our smaller, more specialised workshops, such as the 32  individuals engaged in Understanding Domestic Retrofit at Tai Tarian, Neath, highlighted the demand for specialised knowledge in this field, but learning heritage construction skills wasn't merely about acquiring knowledge; it was an investment in the future of our built environment.

It is also great to see that construction companies are increasingly recognising the value of upskilling their workforce in traditional building techniques. These skills not only contribute to the preservation of our architectural heritage but also offer practical benefits to the companies themselves.

Understanding and mastering heritage construction skills provides a competitive edge as the demand for restoration and conservation projects grows, companies equipped with a workforce skilled in traditional building methods are better positioned to secure contracts and deliver high-quality work.

The expertise gained on our courses, like Heritage Plastering and Heritage Stonemasonry, enhances the versatility of construction professionals, allowing them to navigate the intricacies of both modern and historical projects.

Companies engaged in heritage construction projects often find that clients appreciate and prioritise professionals with a deep understanding of traditional craftsmanship. Learning these skills isn't just an investment in one's career; in a world where heritage preservation is becoming increasingly crucial, the ability to blend modern construction techniques with time-tested methods is a valuable asset.

The skills acquired in our heritage construction courses in 2023 not only empowered individuals with valuable knowledge but also contributed to the growth and competitiveness of construction companies. As we look forward to the coming year, it's clear that the demand for these skills will continue to rise, making the pursuit of traditional building expertise a wise and forward-thinking choice for both individuals and the construction industry at large.