Energy Efficiency- a whole house approach

11th May 3:30pm

Nigel Gervis , Co founder and Technical Director at Ty Mawr Lime Ltd. is back by popular demand to speak at our Sustainable and Traditional Buildings Fair on May 11th.  Nigel has provided talks, presentations, workshops and advice at most of the Tywi Centre events over the past 15 year. Each time, his audience have been enthralled and motivated to use the most appropriate materials when making improvements to their homes.

Ty Mawr Lime Ltd. was established in 1995, by husband and wife - Nigel and Joyce Gervis. Ty-Mawr Lime Ltd has made an enormous contribution to resurrecting the use of traditional building materials in Wales and has become a market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of environmentally-friendly building materials and systems. They have received several awards for their work in this field.  

Nigel’s presentation will look at the role that sustainable building materials have in addressing our need to reduce the Carbon Footprint of construction.  Natural and sustainable building materials, in both new and historic buildings, can be used to improve energy efficiency and ‘lock-in’ carbon and Nigel will look at the range of materials and methods that can play a role in ensuring our buildings are part of a sustainable future for Wales.

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