Welcome Eva!


We are excited to introduce Eva,  a Public History and Heritage Masters student at Swansea University. Currently in her second semester, Eva is joining us on an 8-week work placement at the Tywi Centre, thanks to our collaboration with CHART (Centre for Heritage Research and Training). This partnership aims to share knowledge and identify areas for new research, encouraging the long-term sustainability of traditional buildings.

Eva has seamlessly integrated into our team, bringing great enthusiasm and energy! We anticipate that her contributions will be invaluable during her time here. Here is what Eva has to say:

“My introduction to the Tywi team has been gradual, exchanging emails with Helena, meeting Nell online, and slowly meeting the rest of the team. They are hoping that during my placement I can participate in raising awareness of conservation areas, help with their Sustainable & Traditional Buildings Fair in May, and that I can help research through what resources I have available through Swansea University. At a meeting on campus, they discussed balancing modernisation and energy saving, and how to encourage new interest in traditional skills in the academic sector.

“The first time I visited the Tywi Centre I was provided with so many different avenues to study building conservation. Their website has online courses where they teach the basics of conservation of old buildings – including energy saving methods. They have three courses available that all end in quizzes to consolidate each topic. Their YouTube account is also full of great guides by Tom Duxbury, these are available in English and Welsh. I’d really recommend the videos on lime work and traditional window repair.

“They lent me a copy of Cliff Blundell’s Sustainable Legacy that I have stormed through as it’s a mine for traditional building advice, especially for specific topics like the simne fawr and ironworks. The team at the Tywi Centre have managed to jumpstart my interest in solid-walled buildings and all of the traditional construction methods that come with it in such a short space of time. I can confidently say the Tywi team are eager to encourage learning surrounding traditional buildings, and I’m excited to delve deeper.

I would recommend signing up to any of the courses they offer that interest you, if you’re not convinced, follow them on LinkedIn or Facebook and keep an eye out for their new Fun Fact Fridays!”