Historic buildings, heritage crafts and the narratives of place

11 May 2024

Everything we do at the Tywi Centre aims to contribute to the care of our precious old buildings for future generations to enjoy. This is why we are so excited to welcome Alex Langlands as a speaker at our Sustainable and Traditional Buildings Fair on May 11th 2024.

Looking after the physical and associative attributes of our built heritage requires care, empathy and a fair degree of humility.  Historic building are such important 'documents' in helping us better understand our place in time, providing a link with the past and present and the landscapes around us.  Alex will look at the role and importance of historic buildings in and for our communities.  He will consider their potential for ‘new life’ and explain, through case studies, why as a part of our rich heritage, (with which our ancestors have entrusted us) they can also be a vital part of contemporary life. 

Dr Alex Langlands began his professional career as a field archaeologist before moving into broadcast media where he presented and produced the hugely successful Victorian Farm, Wartime Farm and Edwardian Farm for BBC Two. He now teaches history, heritage and archaeology at Swansea University where he is Associate Professor. His book Cræft: How traditional crafts are about more than just making was a cover feature on the New York Times Book Review and his co-authored Victorian Farm a Sunday Times Best Seller.

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