Meet the Tutors: Joe Moriarty


Meet Joe, one of our fantastic Heritage Plastering Tutors we have here, at the Tywi Centre.

In 2013, Joe took the leap to expand his plastering skills through the Tywi Centre Heritage Bursary Scheme. Under the tutelage of E. I. Flood & Sons (Bristol), he spent a year immersed in heritage construction, working with various companies to gather the necessary evidence for his NVQ3 assessment.

Joe’s passion for heritage projects led him to work on sites across England and Wales, solidifying his commitment to preserving architectural treasures. Following this, Joe also pursued and completed a Masters Qualification in Sustainable Building Conservation at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff.

Today, as a Heritage Plastering Tutor, Joe's enthusiasm and passion for preserving heritage resonates with learners, as his learning journey mirrors theirs. Beyond his qualifications, Joe brings real-world experience, sharing valuable practical insights that help provide learners with the best experience and knowledge available.

What sets Joe apart is his ability to empathise with the challenges learners face in their projects. Drawing from his own experiences, he guides and supports, making the Tywi Centre not just an educational institution but a community where heritage enthusiasts thrive.

Joe's journey from learner to mentor epitomises our commitment to nurturing expertise in heritage construction. As Joe continues to share his passion and knowledge, learners at the Tywi Centre are gaining skills, whilst becoming part of a legacy dedicated to preserving our heritage.

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