Tom takes on the ‘Through the Looking Glass’ Conference!

June 2024


We are thrilled to share that our very own, Tom Duxbury, was invited to the sold-out conference, 'Through the Looking Glass: A Future for Historic Windows’!

 Tom was one of 30 expert speakers and, alongside Laura Millbourn from Period Home Projects, delivered his insightful talk, 'Defining Significance and the Decision Tree.' They engaged with a large and attentive audience, answering questions afterwards.


This two-day conference, supported by SPAB and The Green Register, took place at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester. It brought together a diverse group of experts specialising in the history, repair, and retrofit of historic windows and the design and manufacture of new joinery.


Attendees had the unique opportunity to delve into a range of topics, including:


  • Understanding the history and significance of windows
  • Clues for dating windows based on physical evidence
  • Historic glass and modern glazing systems
  • Specifying repair and paint finishes
  • The science of heat loss and retrofitting existing windows
  • Justifying the case for replacement and exploring the options


The conference has proven to be an invaluable event for anyone involved in historic buildings and sustainability. It showcased Tom's exceptional talent, as he was chosen to present alongside just 30 specialists from across the UK and Europe! This highlights how lucky we are to have Tom, here at the Tywi Centre. His wealth of knowledge and experience is a true asset, benefiting everyone who seeks our advice and courses, as well as his fellow staff members.


The 'Through The Looking Glass' conference created a great environment for learning and collaboration, highlighting the importance of preserving historic windows while embracing modern advancements. This aligns perfectly with our mission at the Tywi Centre.