Welcoming New Learners to our NVQ3 Courses!


Last week, we were thrilled to welcome 15 new learners to the Tywi Centre. Focused on plastering, carpentry, and masonry, these participants have enrolled in our NVQ3 Qualification Heritage courses, where they not only gained essential knowledge but also connected with industry experts.

The first week served as the foundation for the learners' 4-week training programme, kickstarting their 18-month journey to complete the NVQ3 assessment. During this initial period, the learners delved into the rich history of architecture in Wales, gaining valuable insights into the evolution of buildings. A visit to St Fagans National Museum of History allowed them to witness first hand how geography influences materials and architectural styles.

A crucial aspect of heritage construction is understanding conservation law. Learners engaged with this topic, exploring how legislation protects our most treasured buildings. This knowledge serves as a guide, ensuring that restoration projects align with preservation principles.

Mastering lime and mortars is important in understanding the intricacies of old buildings. The learners had dedicated time to learn about various lime types, aggregates, and additives. Understanding how different mixes suit different situations is foundational knowledge for the future of heritage builders.

Each trade group, under the guidance of experienced tutors, immersed themselves in practical training at the Tywi Centre. Masons, led by tutor Oliver Coe, honed their skills in dry stone walling and walling with lime mortars. Plasterers, mentored by Joe Moriarty, fixed riven laths and experimented with different lime plaster mixes, while Carpenters, guided by Tom Duxbury, delved into timber technology and explored defects affecting restoration projects.

The training is made possible thanks to the fantastic employers who support their teams to develop and gain qualifications. In attendance, we had learners from; Highlife Rope Access, Raffle Builders Ltd, Recclesia Ltd, The Wessex Conservation Company, C & C Construction (London) Ltd, Pembrokeshire Lime Work, NB Interiors and Construction, Lee Poole and Sons Ltd, and Cyfle Building Skills Ltd. Eligible CITB registered employers are able to access funding to cover the cost of the training.

Carpenter Caleb said,

“I found the understanding of the history of traditional buildings and suitable techniques and materials very interesting. All the tutors had excellent knowledge and were very friendly and valuable knowledge.”

Plasterer Callum also praised the course:

“All aspects of the training were valuable – full of information that confirms what I knew and a lot of what I didn't. I appreciate the time and effort you were given by the Tutors. I now look at my job in a whole new way- just after 1 week.”

Following the week, across all three NVQ3 courses, our Carpentry tutor, Tom Duxbury said:

“Its been a brilliant week getting to know the new learners. It was great having all carpenters, plasterers and masons altogether for the first week. They were so enthusiastic and were each able to share their own experiences of working in the heritage sector. We covered a lot of ground and I’m looking forward to welcoming them all back in May.”

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