Repair or Replace: A Historic Sash Window Surveying Course


In September this year we finally ran our inaugural Sash Window Condition Survey course following 2 Covid postponements - and feedback was excellent!

Loved the course! Learned a lot! Great style of delivery – informative, inclusive and interactive. The discussion around importance of detail was great throughout. Sophie

Losing traditional windows is one of the biggest threats to our heritage.  As well as being important to the overall look of a building, the timber and the glass can be historic artifacts in their own rights.  Whilst working on traditional sliding sashes in the Tywi Centre workshops, participants were able to take apart and examine historic windows; identify the key historically significant elements; and start to determine the parts of the windows which were fit for repair.  They were then supported in gathering together information to feed in to a specification for their repair. 

All those involved in submitting applications for listed building consent would benefit enormously from this course.  Surveyors, architects, architectural technicians and planning agents, as well as carpenters looking to develop their expertise working on historic windows, would gain real benefit from tapping into the knowledge of the Tywi Centre’s trainer, Tom Duxbury, who is a time-served heritage carpenter as well as a Conservation Officer. 

It is part theoretical and part practical, working on traditional sliding sashes in the historic Tywi Centre workshops.  Sign up to our next course on Thursday 15th April 2021.