CITB Funding for Training

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What is the CITB SAP funding ?

The CITB’s Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) is a fully funded route for eligible CITB registered employers. This means that the full cost of the training and assessment can be covered by a CITB Grant

In addition to this, you may also be eligible for a short course grant for each of the modules completed. This is paid directly to the employer once each of the modules are completed.

Employers can claim a completion grant once the NVQ3 Certificate has been issued.

The CITB ‘Travel to Train’ Grant is also available to eligible employers who are supporting a learner on the SAP programme.

Eligibility for SAP Funding

- The new entrant must have a full-time contract of direct employment (PAYE) with a Levy registered employer. 

- The new entrant must not have been enrolled in another CITB grant-assisted apprenticeship for the same vocational qualification (VQ) level

- In order for the employer to claim the framework achievement element of the grant, they must allow the new entrant to attend all 'off  job' modules

- The employer must make sure that their new entrant applies and gets a CSCS Trainee Card in their first month of training

- The employer is not allowed to put forward sub-contractors or self-employed workers even if they're referred to in the employer's Levy Return.

Skills and Training Fund 
The skills and training fund aims to help companies to access high quality learning and development experiences for their employees. CITB registered employers can apply for funding for recognised courses delivered by ATO’s.

The amount of funding available to companies relates to how many direct employees they have.

Your local CITB Advisor can offer support in your ‘Skills and Training’ fund application.

This Fund may be suitable for you if you would prefer to only follow the training or only the assessment.