Listed Building Consent: making an application


Date Changed to 29 May 2024

This 1-day course is for owners of listed buildings considering making an application for Listed Building Consent. It will outline the consent process, including when changes to your listed building require consent; talk you through the key application documents and discuss the level of detail and quality required; and will help you choose building professionals and signpost you towards additional information.  

Here's some feedback from one of our course delegates:

'The course was delivered by Nell online and was designed in a way that each of the four parts of the session were long enough to cover useful information, guidance and recommendations, but short enough to avoid screen fatigue.  The make-up of each part allowed for interactive discussion, which also helped the way each part was received.  The length of breaks in between helped to refresh and recharge.  Nell delivered in a manner that demonstrated how passionate she is about heritage and also how supportive her and colleagues at CCC / Tywi Centre are to those who Own Listed Buildings – which facilitated further engagement in the session.  I strongly recommend the course.'- Richard Neil 12/10/2020

'A very useful course if you are an owner of a listed building or thinking of making a purchase. In fact, definitely do this course before you buy a listed building if you can – it will make the whole journey so much easier and less stressful.' Emma Tanner 05/09/2020

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Wednesday 29 May 2024