Sash Windows Repair- Practical heritage joinery

Tywi Centre

8-10 April 2025 / 3-5 June 2025 (3-day Course)

Traditional joinery has changed little over the centuries; the timber and tools used for cutting, shaping and forming the joints, predominantly using only wood elements, remains in a form that our forefathers would be familiar with.

The physical appearance of a joint together with its strength and durability are determined by the joining methods and how they are used in specific joints. The course is aimed at delivering, an understanding and recognition of those traditional techniques that will enable a candidate to produce and repair a wide range of joinery products, through a balanced combination of classroom and workshop teaching. Candidates will work on a real restoration project (for example the repair of traditional sliding sash windows).



To find out more about repairing and maintaining Traditional Sash Windows you can watch this short film that was produced as part of the Ancient Connections Project.


The content of the course will include:

Introduction to joinery tools and equipment

  • - Sawing - cutting
  • - Planing – surface finishing
  • - Drilling – boring
  • - Levelling and setting out
  • - Safe use, storage, sharpening and maintenance

Introduction to sliding sash windows:

  • - How they have evolved and why they are iconic and significant to our heritage.
  • - Materials- Glass /Timber/ Metals / Sealant/ Paint

Technology- Pulleys and weights

Elements of a Box frame and sashes:

  • - Definition of the elements that make up the frame and sashes
  • - Identify parts of the window and assess the condition of all elements

Sash removal, re-cording and balancing:

  • - Removal of sashes from the frame and evaluation of condition and repairs needed.
  • - Cording system and balancing with a variety of materials for weights
  • - Practical re-cording and balancing exercise

Practical Project- Repair a box frame & sashes in the workshop.

  • - Assess window condition,
  • - Create site rod,
  • - Draw full-size rod,
  • - Write a cutting list,
  • - Create sections and quantities/volumes/ cost / materials
  • - Remove sashes from frames
  • - Cut back rotten/decayed timber


This course is suitable for people who are currently trained as carpenters and would like to improve their skills in the area of repairs to traditional joinery.

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8-10 April 2025

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3-5 June 2025

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