Heritage Masonry - Training and Qualification

Tywi Centre

February 2025
Funding available to eligible companies

The Tywi Centre’s Training and Assessment programme offers a unique opportunity to follow specialist training. We can also support you to achieve an NVQ3 qualification in Heritage Masonry. 

It's perfect for building professionals looking to increase their skillset and gain a recognised training qualification

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You can choose to access the training or assessment to suit your needs.

1. Training only- this would suit you if you would like to have the skills but don’t feel ready for the assessment.

2. On-site Assessment only- if you have a high level of skill and experience and only require the assessment for the qualification

3. Training and Assessment- if you would like to improve your skills and work towards the NVQ3 Qualification

4. Training followed by assessment at a later date.


If you are a Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) registered company, you may be entitled to grants that:
- cover the cost of the training and assessment
- assist with travel and accommodation costs
- assist with off-site costs

Click here for details of CITB funding and eligibility

Self Funding

If you are not eligible for CITB funding it is possible to self-fund. Payments can be made in instalments and a financial plan can be agreed to suit your circumstances.

Click here for details of training costs and self funding

Full course details can be found here


Heritage Masonry NVQ3 by Helena Burke

The training covers the following modules:

1. Setting out and erecting complex masonry structures

2. Best Practice in Conserving or restoring masonry

3. Knowledge and identification of materials for heritage masonry

4. Specialist Techniques used in heritage masonry

5. Architectural Recognition

6. Recognition of defects- cause and effect

7. Knowledge and understanding of Conservation Law

There is a total of 20 days training. This is normally delivered in 4 x 1-week blocks

What is an NVQ? 

  • NVQs are based on National Occupational Standards. These standards are statements of performance that describe what competent people in a particular occupation are expected to be able to do. 
  • NVQs are achieved through assessment. Assessment is normally through on-the-job observation and questioning. Learners produce evidence to prove they have the competence to meet the NVQ Units for the qualification. 
  • You will need to achieve several Units that make up the full NVQ qualification. Some of the units will be mandatory and must be completed and others may be optional. 
  • Your assessor will discuss each unit in your qualification to ensure that you are able to provide the evidence required. 
  • Your assessor will discuss how the evidence will be collected and by who.

Click here for details of the NVQ3 Heritage Mason qualification

When an assessor comes on site, what do they do?

At the beginning of the SAP an assessor will carry out a detailed candidate interview in order to develop a profile of the candidate’s skills, and areas where training and additional support will be required. 

Following this, the assessor will visit the candidate at their place of work to gain evidence of achievement, either through observation and/or a mixture of questioning and previous work records for each of the NVQ modules. 

The assessor will be looking for evidence of a candidate’s own work, and that it has been carried out to the appropriate standard.

Where will the candidate get their work experience?

The candidate's employer must have access to Heritage sites to enable trainees to hone their skills gained during their training, plus to have adequate number of assessment opportunities in order to achieve their NVQ3

Where will the training be carried out?

The practical training will be based at the Tywi Centre, Llandeilo. 

Directions to Tywi Centre

Where can candidates stay whilst on the training programme?

There is plenty of hostel, hotel and B&B accommodation in Llandeilo.  If you are accessing the Travel to Train grant from CITB, accommodation will be arranged through their systems

For more information contact the Tywi Centre

Heritage Masonry Training and Qualification